Saturday, February 12, 2005

Plug For My Store

Yes, I have my own store and this is a shameless plug for it. I create designs for mugs, journals, bumper stickers, greeting cards, etc. I also sell prints of my original artwork online. This is a continual work in progress and I add designs and items frequently. If you want me to design something especially for you, let me know. Check it out - if nothing else, it makes me feel important that people are looking at my site. Here's the address and feel free to leave comments:

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Classroom Stress

Ever been in a class where you feel like you're the only intelligent person? I have...every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is getting to be too much to handle. I can see little bits of my brain dripping from my ears onto the floor. The pinnacle of today's class was this quote: "I guess my roommate isn't that good of a Catholic because she didn't wake up with ashes on her forehead this morning." Go ahead, laugh. Its real - every word. The worst part was that the class neither laughed or corrected her. Don't misunderstand me, I wish no one public humiliation....but there should have been some sort of reaction from the class. Yet, none came. Just the eerie silence of mutual understanding and acceptance. As a friend of mine later stated, "What did they think happens? The Ashes Fairy comes in the middle of the night, puts a cross on your forehead, and leaves a quarter under your pillow?" I determined, as the lone Catholic in the room, that the task of enlightening this young women fell to me. I told her very gently that most of us go to a Church service to receive our ashes - and that this event usually occurred noon or after. I have determined that this situation is what my hell would be like, giving me the motivation to strive to be better than I am.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

No Pain, No Gain

I will be the first to admit that I have hundreds of little quirks...ok, some aren't so little. Yet, I never realized that I don't stand up straight. How did I miss that??? This discovery, among others, came during my weekly vocal lesson. I have trouble releasing my jaw; I don't breathe quite as well as I should; I stand in a way that hampers all my other efforts. Murphy's law has struck again, but don't worry....this problem can be fixed and we attempted it in class. Let's just say that it involved me standing with my back and head against the wall with my feet out a little ways in front of me. And in the mirror, it looked me, it was incredibly painful. Why? Because I've done it wrong for over 20 years and my body doesn't want to change itself. Wish me luck 'cause I have to practice this.