Sunday, January 23, 2005

It's Such a Bad Idea to Give Me Free Web Space

I've apparently lost my mind. What could convince me to spend time I don't have to write commentaries that probably no one will ever read? Its free. That blessed four-letter word can make almost anything enticing. Seriously, what did I have to lose...besides all respectibility and the illusion that I'm a quiet, sweet-natured young woman? I think what got me to this point was the simple fact that I write a lot. I scribble my thoughts in a journal, write rants on my yahoo notepad, talk ears off anyone naively willing to listen. Life can get stressful and I lack an effective way of expressing that daily frustration. Not to mention, I can drive everyone surrounding me completely insane. This seemed like a viable solution - and a awesome way to zone out in class. So, for now I close my very first post, my stepstone to the world of the computer savy. Welcome to my blog....God help us all.

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