Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Out and About

There is one month left until school officially starts up again. I am determined to use this time to turn things around and enjoy myself. This is a short, but positive post - no negativity crap here today.

Without a second official job, I've been able to actually see people besides when they need to check out books. Yesterday, I (stupidly) volunteered to help Mike move all of the opera set and props to an off-campus location. Several others showed up and we managed to make a good time out of it. Shana and I discussed Tennessee as a possible grad school and Tony joined in for a discussion on choir aesthetics. I said "fuck" in front of everyone which made Mike almost drop to the ground laughing. Apparently, he isn't around me very much... And I get opera brownie points for this although what that translates to has yet to be discovered.

Tonight, I attended the Aeneid String Quartet's performance at Starlight Cafe. Krysta, Peggy and Grimes were there and we had a blast. All four of us are fairly witty people and that just makes it fun for me. I really hadn't met Grimes before although I'd seen him around campus, but I see why his students think he's awesome. Some of the other apartment complex regulars were there, but I didn't really get the chance to mingle with them very much. The restaurant was freakishly crowded for a Wednesday night. Good music, good friends and about 3 cups of hot tea made my night fabulous. And considering how expensive that cafe is, I only spent about $3 all night - my college-sized budget is happy.

Tomorrow is my rheumatology appointment. I go to confirm suspicions and regain control. I'm optimistic and grateful that the solution to my vocal problems (which haven't gone away) is something I can easily obtain and not career-destroying. The simple fact that I noticed this so early is a huge blessing. I know what to do and I'll be better in no time.

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