Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Habit-Formation 101: Day 4

Thanks to the person who left me the link of a far cheaper way to get my Original Star Wars fix.

The school week is a hard time to make decent posts. I always feel like I am rushed and just simply trying to slap something online. Oh, well. The weekend isn't too far away...

My Christmas tree is still up. Is that bad? No, I don't have a religious reason since the Catholic Christmas season officially ended last week. I just haven't felt like pulling the necessary boxes out from under my bed and closet and then taking everything down by myself. I should do it tomorrow - assuming I get out of school at 2pm as opposed to 7pm. It all depends on one student and my clinical teacher.

Personally, I'm rooting for 2pm because we usually get out at 3:30 and 7pm is way too fucking late.

I think that's a run-on sentence, but I have no time to edit. As long as you all understand what I write, I don't care. I certainly never claim to be a fabulous writer.....

Six AM comes quickly - cross your fingers for a 2PM escape.

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