Thursday, January 18, 2007

Habit-Formation 101: Day 6

Ever feel like you're constantly doing work and yet never really shrinking your To Do list?

If anyone happens to know some great places to stay near Florida State University, I would be very grateful. I have a few options that have been narrowed down from a multitude, but ideas are always welcome. Sometime tomorrow, I will create time to call the 3 on my list and ask lots and lots of questions.

I love travel, but I hate the preparation.

Oh, well, at least I can look forward to warm weather for my audition........

........before I travel to U of Michigan the next weekend.

I suppose I'll have to look up the "What Not to Take on a Plane" list later, too. Hopefully, I can get away with just a carry-on. Lost baggage is at some sort of all-time high and I know my luck is short of fantastic.......or decent even.

But, the weekend is coming and I'm excited! I get to sleep! And see people that I don't despise!

Ah, Friday awaits...with more exams to grade....

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