Sunday, January 14, 2007

Habit-Formation 101: Day 2

Well, we made the National News today.

Someone or some group decided to set fire to 2 Baptist churches and break into another. One church is completely destroyed while the other's educational wing is severely damaged.

Luckily, my church wasn't attacked. Father Justin spent until about 2am last night patrolling the perimeter of the grounds with his car. Apparently, once 2 fires were underway, the police called all the churches to warn them of a possible connection. Father said that at one point, a car stopped outside the school, so he drove up behind them and flashed his lights. The car sped away. What's particularly creepy is that both fires started in school/daycare areas of the churches. Father is no idiot - he wrote down the license plate number and called the police.

It’s hard to say where a connection could be in the fires other than the obvious fact that the churches were Baptist. Ours is Roman Catholic, so if we really were a target than all we've got left is general church facilities. I wonder how many churches would have been vandalized if the various congregations hadn't gotten out of bed to stand guard at their respective buildings. Maybe there would be a pattern.

It will be interesting to see if that plate number is important in the investigation.


Rai said...

That really was creepy and odd but mostly creepy wasnt it?

At the same time the two churches were burning there was a really bad car accident at Greenville and Arlington.

Saturday night must have been a craptastic time to be an emergency worker type person.

Sash said...

I'm sure it must have been.

PS. I've figured out how to get my Mac to read stuff to me and craptastic is hysterical coming from a CG voice.

Rai said...

Craptastic is good, huh?

What about sucktacular?

PS. You missed a day now you have to start back over!

Sash said...

Sucktacular doesn't work as well - it puts the stress on the wrong syllable.

As far as the post, I did write one, but Rodney called and I forgot to click the publish button. I'll fix it ASAP!!!

Rai said...

Sucktacular doesnt work?

Well isnt that craptastic!